OddBallers Review

Written by Spitfire Spud

Dodge ball a game where you have to pelt each other with a ball, last man standing. Remember those days? Well Ubisoft does. With this in mind, they have brought us the game of OddBallers. It is a multiplayer game based off that very pastime which you can jump in with some AI or take it to the masses and play online.


Multiplayer Party Game

Release Date

Out Now!




Xbox, PS, PC, Switch.


Want to see some gameplay first?

The game OddBallers is made up of minigames, in which all you must do is throw balls at each other. However, depending on the game mode, there are different objectives at play. It’s quite an easy game to play with you either dodging, pushing or throwing the ball. Each player has a health bar that when depleted is knocked out.

Game Modes

The game modes on offer consist of a Free for All, Last Man Standing, Team Battle and a Boss Battle. Each with their own unique quirks to them. Some modes will see you trying to throw chickens into a shredder while others will see who can survive the longest in a large mascot costume.

In each of the areas while dodging the balls, there are also traps to watch out for like TNT boxes that explode or hives full of bee that will attack you. There are also bales of hay to use to block each other, lawnmowers, and gas bottles to do more damage and so on.

In each of the games you play, there will be a rule set and features, some you are able to change. The games are chosen at random and will consist of either 4 or 6 players depending on what you picked.


With each game you participate and win you will earn XP and level up. This will unlock new rewards and accessories for your characters. These will range from clothing like hats, gloves and headgear to emojis like victory dances. You can also drop into the Store and purchase these as well if you feel.

When it comes to the visuals of OddBallers, the game features cell-shading graphics. The characters flapping about like they are in a constant state of panic. The areas of each level are colourful and bright, with their own little quirks that fit the wacky narrative the game is portraying. It won’t wow you visually, but OddBallers is all about the gameplay.

During my playtime, which was sporadic at best, it was a good game to pick up and play while wait for something else to come along. Whether you were downloading another game or waiting for friends to pop on for something else. If you can manage to find a game that is. It is difficult to match up with randoms, due to lack of interest or something else entirely.

If you have younger siblings or children, they may appreciate the game more. Which in turn if you are a parent, will make the game that much more tolerable.


OddBallers is a quirky title that you could have a good time with, if it had more content and more meat to it. While it won’t WOW you in terms of visuals or longevity, jumping in with my kids did have its moments. The simple controls mean anyone can play but whether they want to stick about too long is another thing.

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SSG Rating 5/10

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