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Lifeless Moon is a journey of discovering and just like it’s predecessor, it brings you on a crazy ride through time and space! Like Lifeless Planet before it, we get to experience new worlds even more crazy locations than before.

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Lifeless Moon

A Journey comes to an end…


In Lifeless Moon, a small team of astronaut’s lands on the moon’s surface in the early 70s. However, you find out that due to a strange accident that had happened years ago, a part of a small town was transported to the moon. It’s a strange sight to see a town, with a radio tower, café and school on the moon. Sadly, you discover that the people in the town died due to the moon’s atmosphere. The scientists responsible for the accident left behind equipment and notes that tell more of the story. This is how most of the story unfolds as you progress through the game.

As you play the game, you go on a journey to various places, perhaps even on other planets, through special portals. These portals act as gateways or transportation devices. You venture forward learning more about the history of the scientific team, and things start to become increasingly unnerving.

What are these portals, how do they work and who is responsible for them?

Lifeless Moon


The gameplay is more focused on exploration, platforming and puzzle solving. There is no combat within the game at any time. At first you feel like you are just walking around. However, the game presents itself to you and opens up more as you progress. The platforming in the game is fairly straightforward and it’s just a matter of timing the jumps rather than anything complex. Later in the game you find a jetpack which will enable you to reach further jumps and new areas.

While you can explore every nook and cranny that is on offer, there is no real incentive to do so. Everything that is needed to complete the area is easily collected and you will have little trouble acquiring them. Items of interest will be collected for you automatically when you pass over them. You will get a small notification in the corner so you can open your inventory to check what you have gathered.

When you have collected some important, you will be able to check it in your notebook. This is where all the logs, quests and information you have gathered is stored. You will also hear from time to time, your fellow astronaut communicating to you over the radio. He will guide you at times and also relay some info for you. It feels like you are playing catch up with him most of the time…

Lifeless Moon


Visually, I found Lifeless Moon to be a massive upgrade from the previous game. Some of the planets and areas you visit are vibrant and detailed while not showing any sense of life, there feels like something is always there. One such area is the cabin beside a lake, surround by trees. No doubt a memory of one of the scientist’s home, or perhaps someone else?

Then you happen up another area that seems to be from an engineer’s mind, which also happens to be the name of that area. It seems to be a city under construction as you walk around you notice out desolate and lifeless it is. When you climb high enough, you reach the rooftops which are now high up through the clouds over the city. Here is where you need to make some crazy jumps in order to avoid falling to your death.

Each of the planets whatever time or space it is in are silent, but beautiful designed. Each has it’s purpose in progressing the story and each is a representation of those deceased or missing scientists.

Short Story

You will notice that its not the biggest game and quite a short story. It will roughly take you around 3-4 hours to complete. This may vary and depend on what way you play the game. It’s not the most demanding title this year, the puzzles in the game is not taxing, but I don’t think that is the purpose of the game. It’s about the journey. By journey, I mean one of discovery in which you find out what has happened to those who were transported to these worlds.

Some may find this a bit mediocre, but it’s not. The storytelling in the game is the hook, the big draw and it sucks you in. You want to push forward to find out what happened and what the outcome will be. This formula worked perfectly in the first game Lifeless Planet and I would highly recommend you check that game out too. As you will appreciate the world that Stage 2 Studios have created.

It is a lot like it’s predecessor in terms of gameplay and artstyle. However, they have both been improved, with the control system more responsive as you are navigating throughout the game. The visuals are more detailed and refined with some of the locations you visit are breathtaking, where a distant moon lights up the surface where you explore.

I did have one issue where I completed a puzzle, but it didn’t register in the game’s code. However, this only happened once, and a quick restart of the game resolved it.


Lifeless Moon is a return to form again from Stage 2 Studios and I am looking forward to seeing more much from these Lifeless worlds. If you love discovery, uncharted planets and the unknown, then give this game a try. It’s the journey and story that keeps you hooked. Buy it today!

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SSG Rating 9/10

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