Experience the Dark World of Bramble: The Mountain King

Written by Spitfire Spud

Bramble: The Mountain King is an outstanding adventure game that offers a dark and eerie experience inspired by Nordic fables. The game’s plot revolves around rescuing your sister in the twisted and dangerous world of Bramble while facing hideous creatures that can be quite deadly. Some can be friendly but which ones?


Dark Adventure, Horror

Release Date

April 27th 2023


Dimfrost Studio


Xbox, PS, PC & Switch.

Bramble: The Mountain King

Want to see some gameplay first?

Nordic Folklore

The game’s graphics are impressive and complement the Nordic folklore-inspired world that the game is set in. Players will find themselves traversing through a wondrous landscape that is both beautiful and dangerous. You play as Olle looking for his sister as you traverse through this strange and enchanting forest.

As you begin the journey to rescue your sister in the twisted and dangerous world of Bramble, you’ll come across strange and wonderful creatures. It’s unsure if they will be friendly or not. From the moment the first steps are taken through the forest, you are greeted with a narrator whole tells the tale of the game. The world that Dimfrost Studio has created is both beautiful and creepy, with rays of moonlight breaking through the ominous darkness of the forest.


The game feels just like another indie title that gave me the chills, Little Nightmares I & II. As Olle moves along the forest you come across these pinecones. It’s as if someone or something has made little men from them, with twigs for arms and legs. Yet what do they mean, or do they have a significance?

Bramble: The Mountain King

Further on you find a hut that when entered, there is a wood carving of a girl and a matchbox with a key inside. This key allows you to progress through a locked door in the hut. Venturing further ahead, something flies overhead as its shadow flashes past the forest floor. Olle then happens upon a broken roof of a cottage/house and jumps in. Inside you walk along a narrow cavern and notice a light source. When Olle reaches the light source, it turns out that a statue of girl is holding a small ball of light in her hand.

Olle picks up the light and continues his journey and exits the cavern. From here you are greeted by the moon shining directly at you, its light illuminating the nights sky. Olle climbs up a small ridge and a haunting melody starts as you reach the top. Here is where we meet Lillemor, his sister, and we get to use the ball of light. This part of the game acts as a tutorial on how to use the ball as a weapon. This then ends when we throw the ball too hard and Lillemor has to chase the ball. After catching it both siblings hug, however, part of the cliff breaks away and you find yourself alone in the forest.


Bramble: The Mountain King

Mythical Creature

As Olle ventures ahead we are greeted by a troll holding a lantern while holding the Bramble to allow you to pass. Passing through Olle chases after his sister until he reaches a clearing. It’s from here that you see her either been taken or simply vanishes. A mythical creature that resembles something between a human and deer. They have a large wound of sorts on their back that shows an exposed heart. This is your first fight or boss fight if you will.

The creature will try to attack and kill you with various moves. Whether it’s hurling projectiles at you or waves of what looks like blood, you must dodge them to survive. To defeat the creature, you must throw your ball of light at what appears to be children hung to trees.

Once defeated you will need to eliminate it by stabbing its heart. After you killed the creature, it is covered by the land that seems to be healed from what you achieved. Olle is kneeling next to it crying as if saddened by what he has done. The preview demo ends by Olle walking away to continue his search for Lillemor.

Bramble: The Mountain King has some bewitching visuals with a score that accompanies it beautifully. The forest in which the preview was set was stunning with the moon creeping through the trees overhead. While there was not much life in the forest, you get a sense that it was alive. The score is haunting and beautiful which sets the overall tone of the game. With the music changing to what is happening on screen like a rhythmic dance between the storytelling, exploration, and combat. Everything gels together perfectly.


The developers have created a game that has a stunning world with a mixture of great storytelling. You are not quite sure what will happen around every turn you approach. The preview was only about 20 minutes long, but I was instantly hooked in by this fascinating tale.

Bramble: The Mountain King is quite dark with its tone. There are some very dark parts within the game, but it does grab hold of you in a way you won’t expect.


I guess for now, you will need to wait until April 27th to find out more…

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