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When it comes to Call of Duty, there is nothing quite like it when it comes to all out action. Whether you are calling in airstrikes during an online game of Domination or watching a spectacular campaign cutscene straight from a Hollywood blockbuster. Either way, you are in for one hell of ride!


First-Person Shooter

Release Date

Out Now!




Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Modern Warfare II

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Welcome to Motorfest! This one-of-a-kind festival will let players enjoy the best experiences car culture has to offer. Motorfest will allow car lovers to fulfil their ultimate action driving bucket list through a series of tailor-made races, themed events, and other unique challenges. 

The Crew: Motorfest
A Plague Tale: Requiem

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When it comes to gaming, your headset is just as important as your controller, as it helps immerse you fully into your favourite titles! While I have had some great headsets over the years from Turtle Beach to HyperX, yet I’ve never owned a SteelSeries headset before, until now!

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