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Dodge ball a game where you have to pelt each other with a ball, last man standing. Remember those days? Well Ubisoft does. With this in mind, they have brought us the game of OddBallers. It is a multiplayer game based off that very pastime which you can jump in with some AI or take it to the masses and play online.


Multiplayer Party Game

Release Date

Out Now!




Xbox, PS, PC, Switch.


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Ubisoft has revealed exciting details about its plans for the Tom Clancy’s The Division® franchise during a recent Division Day stream celebrating the series’ seven-year anniversary. The company showcased three new games set in The Division universe: The Division® 2, The Division® Heartland, and The Division® Resurgence. Additionally, Ubisoft announced new projects that will provide fans with new stories and experiences inspired by The Division.

The Division
The Division

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When it comes to gaming, your headset is just as important as your controller, as it helps immerse you fully into your favourite titles! While I have had some great headsets over the years from Turtle Beach to HyperX, yet I’ve never owned a SteelSeries headset before, until now!

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